GStock France

Rework of our website

A new pretty website for G-Stock

We wanted to upgrade our website for a long time now, to show off our ambitions and to reflect our mindset in a better way.

We worked with a communication agency, MAKER OF NOTHING, in Biarritz (South-West of France) with that in mind to build together a new website and a new image for G-Stock France.

Our new website is more modern, elegant and rich like ourselves, we wanted to give our visitors more depth and content to what we do and how we do it.


Now, you can find on our website, all our activities and services, be it our purchasing department, our sales department, our network or our team of telemarketers who will help you find the best solution for your unsold stock.

We operate on a few different kinds of products now, and we wanted to show that, you can now find everything we buy and sell directly in our “What we buy” section.

We would like to thank MAKER OF NOTHING for their hard work, they listened with great care to what we wanted, and they gave us what we wanted (and even better some might say). So now, we can only hope that you will love that new website as much as we do.