GStock France


Your specialist in food stock

From groceries to tea or coffee, we buy all your unsold food stock.

We know that an efficient management for food stock is essential to reduce costs. Food products needs to be dealt in a tense flow to avoid any excess stock. But sometimes packaging changes, promotions, reference stops or overproduction are sources of excess stock. Obviously, that need to be dealt beforehand to give a second life to food products.

That’s why we collaborate with a wholesalers network specialized in food sales for the purchase and sale of our products.


Grocery stock

We buy all your groceries stock efficiently and quickly. We usually buy:

  • apéritif products (crackers, chips, cashews, pistachios, olives, pâtés, terrines, …)
  • biscuits (purees, desserts or pastries)
  • chocolates and candies
  • canned goods and jars (fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, …)
  • delicatessen (spices, salt, herbs, pepper, peppers, …)
  • flours, seeds and breads
  • honeys and jams (dried fruits or spreads)
  • breakfast products (rusks, coffee, cereals, juice, milk, drinks, teas)

We also buy your unsold dishes (e.g. soups).
We also collect pasta, quinoa, rice, …

Sauces and condiments are also part of the food products we are working on.

Your unsold stock in tea, coffee and other drinks

We know that sometimes you have a lot of tea and coffee to sell, and that no matter what, you can’t sell all of them.

Sell us your tea and infusions (from green tea to herbal teas or mate), we will sell them to ours longtime partners.

Coffee, grain, ground or pods will be appreciated by the professionals with whom we collaborate.

Finally, juices (including sodas) and other drinks will certainly find takers. Trust the G Stock teams to sell your unsold products quickly and efficiently.

Grains de café

You have food stock to sell ?

Our telemarketers will do their best to buy your stock as soon as possible at the best price on the market.